Apple's Monopoly In Technology

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It is no secret that Apple dominates the technology market. Just how big is Apple, really? When compared with other U.S. companies- even those in other industries- Apple easily outranks them all, with $508 billion in tradable shares. Last year's profits alone were enough to run a small country! In 2011, Apple generated $128 billion in sales; by comparison, Sudan generates only $97 billion in gross domestic product, while Slovakia made $127 billion.

One example of the company's success is the newest release of the iPad, which sold 3 million within just 72 hours of its release! In fact, since the 2008 release of the iOS operating system, Apple has sold nearly as many iOS-enabled devices as automobiles sold worldwide in the same amount of time.

The iPhone is one of Apple's most profitable products, generating up to 40% of the company's revenue. In the last year alone, enough iPhones were sold to nearly equal the weight of the Eiffel Tower! The number of iPhones sold in 2011 rounds out to a hefty 72 million.

Just how big is Apple?

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